Thursday, April 7, 2011

QSLs, 10m contest and N1MM Logger

Today I have spent some time printing QSL cards and QSL labels. On my old card (to the left on the photo) I print directly on the card and for the new card I print on labels. I use the new card (to the right) for QSOs made from foreign countries. The two stacks contain 220 cards.

Tonight I planned to join the NRAU 10m Activity Contest but I guess the conditions were not right for QRP as I only managed to raise one single QSO with EA7IQQ! I could hear Argentina and the Falklands but was not able to work any of them. I have e-mailed the N1MM Logger development team and asked them to add the contest to N1MM Logger and Nick NA3M replied within minutes to let me know it was on his to-do list.


  1. Very nice cards Mad's and it reminds me that I have to come up with some type of QSL card...did you do the cards yourself and if so how?

  2. Hello and thanks for your comment! All my cards are printed by Gennady UX5UO in Ukraine. I usually send him a description of my idea of the design and he will provide a sample by e-mail. After checking out the sample I let him know if the design needs to be changed in any way.

    I use a program called LogPrint to print QSO data directly on the cards or to Avery labels based on ADIF output from my electronic logger. The beauty of this piece of software is that it handles simple IF statements. I use this to decide whether to print TNX QSL! or PSE QSL! on the cards based on the contents in the QSL_RCVD adif field.

    72/73! Mads, la1tpa