Monday, May 17, 2010

UBA QRP Foxhunt

E-mail from Jos ON6WJ: 

Dear Foxes and Foxhunters,

In a few weeks time, the second (spring) foxhunt will come to an end and I would like to thank all foxes and hunters for participating. There will be a few weeks of no hunting after June 7. Time to count the bullets, clean up foxholes and service your shotguns.
But the show must go on! Starting on Monday July 5, 2010, we shall be back with a whole new game, with a digital foxhunt aside the "spark" transmissions (tnx Uli DG4SFS). For starters, the digital part will be limited to PSK31, 5 W maximum (other smallband weak signal modes like Hellschreiber may be considered later on). Full details to be published on the foxhunt website soon . By the way, Johan on5ex reports a ‘soapbox’ page will also be available by then.
Dear QRP friends , this foxhunting game can only be succesfull thanks to the participation of you gentlemen. Please feel free to QSP this message to all your (also QRP-minded) friends and invite them to participate.


Friday, May 7, 2010

Radio Activity

To bad I wasn't able to work any of you guys from the summit last weekend .

Today I finally made a 10m QSO, the first one this year, with IU3AC. I guess the Sporadic-E is about to arrive here in Norway as well.

And by the way, a QSL card from WP2Z, U.S. Virgin Islands dropped down in my letterbox today.