Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mobile operations

Recently I have taken up mobile operations again. I use a FT-857D at 5w and an ATAS-100 antenna. My external loudspeaker is not very good so tonight I tested the Heil Traveler Single sided headset. I worked EG5CI on 17m, UR5IFB on 20m and LA1BNA on 10m. So far I have worked CT9, E7, S5, UA4, 9A, 5B, LA, I, UR and EA on SSB QRP from the car this year.

The ATAS antenna is mounted on triple magnet base but I'm not really happy with this solution. I have tried to find a SO-239 antenna mount for roof rails suitable for HF antennas. Any suggestions? I use a counterpoise magnet mat as antenna ground.


  1. Hello Mads, great results I think with the mobile. I recently purchased a outback antenna but never tested it yet. I also have a magnet mount but a single one. Seems to be, from what I read on the internet, one magnet is too small for such antenna. But we will see. I don't think I'm going to drive with a 1,80m whip on my car...73,Bas

  2. Good morning Mad's, I operate mobile with my KX1 but not while driving just stationary. I use the K400 mount with mono band antennas. Now it seems from what you are saying you want to use roof racks as the mount. I did see on the site you had as a link a universal mount. Maybe you could get some U clamps mount it to the rack and then add a ball mount to mount the antenna too.

  3. Thanks for your comments and suggestions! I think both the Outback antennas and monoband whips are as good as, if not even better than the ATAS-100 but I love the fact that I can change band on the FT-857 and just press TUNE on the radio to QSY to another band. I have been looking at this mount from MFJ. Do any of you know if it is suitable for a HF antenna like the ATAS?

    72/73! Mads, la1tpa