Friday, March 25, 2011

CQ WW WPX Contest

I'm looking forward to the CQ WW WPX Contest this weekend. Unfortunately I'm also working Saturday morning and Sunday evening so this will be two busy days! I will be in the SOAB QRP category.

A couple of hours ago I was working a few stations from my car as LA1TPA/M. I used my Yaesu FT-857D at 5W and the ATAS-100 antenna and worked CT9 on 17m and two S5 stations and an E7 station on 20m.


  1. Good evening Mad's do post the results of the contest and how things went for you. I had an 857 in the car some years ago but for some reason I picked up lots of engine QRM. It was a Honda Civic I tried everything and just could not get rid of it. So I sold the rig and just base now...but I have another car now and maybe will give mobile a go again....good luck

  2. Hello! Thanks for your comment! You can find my results and details from the contest here:

    72/73! Mads, la1tpa