Sunday, January 23, 2011

Logbook of the world confirmations

I have used ARRLs Logbook of The World for some years and I think it's a good tool to get QSLs for my DXCC in addition to paper QSLs. Here the other day I found out that some of my QSOs were not confirmed even though both I and the other station have uploaded our logs. My guess is that some people log me as LA1TPA/QRP as soon as they find out that I'm running 5 watts although I never signs with the /QRP suffix.

I have sent an e-mail to some of the stations and asked them to verify my credentials but haven't got any answers yet.


  1. Hello Mads, the same problem occurs at eQSL. There are many that do sign with /QRP or /P and then send their QSL without these signs. That way is not correct, they need a separate account for those activations. I also never use /QRP in my call, although I did some QRP work recently :-). It makes thing complicated. Will you try to hunt foxes this evening? 73, Bas

  2. Hello Mats,

    As a milliwatt enthousiast I even make many QSO's with QRPp. Thanks to both of you, for your post and for the comment of Bas.
    I just found out that there are 6 eQSL's waiting for PA1B/QRPp and 36 for /QRP.
    Do they know this problem at eQSL?

    73,72, Bert PA1B

  3. Bert and Bas

    Thanks for your comments.

    I have the same problem with my eQSL account so I think I will stop updating eQSL, at least for now. Yes, I think the eQSL-team is aware of the situation and I think you are supposed to make a separate account for /P.

    Bas; I have given up the SSB QRP Foxhunt. I will join in when my cw gets better.

    72/73! Mads

  4. Hello Mads,

    I received and confirmed more than 2000 eQSL´s. It´s a usefull addition to the paper QSL´s that I send.
    I decided to confirm all the eQSL´s for PA1B/QRP and /QRPp.
    Except if I need the country for an Award. Then I can send an email request to eQSL again without the /QRP-tag.

    Good luck in QRP,
    73, Bert PA1B