Wednesday, April 28, 2010

International SOTA Weekend

The upcoming weekend is the International SOTA Weekend and I plan an overnight activation of the summit Vestre Hoppefjell from Saturday afternoon. I will bring a sleeping bag and camp at the summit.

If you want to work me you could listen for me at the frequencies listed below or look for my spots at sotawatch.



  1. Hope the WX holds out for all us activaters, Email your mobile number and we can arrange S2S on HF...Good luck. Sean M0GIA

  2. Hi Mads, I will be at work, but have the mobile for 20/40m, will definately try and work you, good luck, Paul.

  3. Good for you Mads! The weather here has turned wet and colder, but I hope in Norway it will be fine and good for camping. I will certainly listen for your call on Saturday evening and Sunday morning. Wishing you success and luck and fun! 73 Adam

  4. Thanks guys! I hope to work you all during the weekend. The forecast looks ok so I hope I will be able to sleep under the stars and not under a tarp.

    73! Mads, LA1TPA

    Sean: You've got mail.

  5. I heard Tom trying to work you S2S and after the struggle I decided to give it a time maybe?

    LA1HKA/P was worked on 30m CW but I didnt get the SOTA reference assuming he was on a summit?

    Did you camp out? The wind was really bad on Gun Saturday night but we survived. Sean M0GIA

  6. Hi Sean. Yes, I almost worked Tom but suddenly someone "stole" my frequency. The 40m band was really crowded that day!
    We'll make it next time!

    My guess is that you worked Kjell LA1KHA from LA/TM-032 where he was QRV with Aage LA1ENA.

    I camped out and the weather was great even though it was -5 degrees and windy during the night. I watched the stars above me every time I was awake! Hope to do another overnight activation soon!

    73! Mads, LA1TPA

  7. I was wrong Sean. Kjell was on LA/TM-049 when you worked him.

    73! Mads, LA1TPA

  8. We endured force 8 gales however strong they are? A couple of times the wind got under the tent and lifted my legs!

    Me and Tom are talking about another overnight activation as well but from where I am not sure.

    Yes I worked LA1KHA/P on 30m CW but didnt get the summit ref....I am not that good yet! If you want a free CW course that IMHO is about the best around let me know.

    Highlight for me was working the Isle Of Wight on 160m with 2.5w SSB....Loads of fun. Sean M0GIA