Thursday, January 14, 2010

Portable operations this weekend

This weekend Aage LA1ENA and I will visit one of the cabins owned by the Norwegian Trekking Association. The trip to the cabin will probably take us 1 - 1.5 hours by skis. We plan to activate the nearby SOTA summit on both Saturday and Sunday and will also try to be QRV from the cabin Saturday night.

Aage normally starts on 7.032MHz cw and I will probably try the following frequencies: 7.118MHz ssb, 5.398.5MHz ssb, 3.660MHz ssb, 14.285MHz ssb and 145.550MHz fm

We will announce our activities on sotawatch

Photo by DNT


  1. Hi Mads, I will look for you on 40 and 20 meter, good luck with the portable operation. 73 Paul

  2. Sorry I was not able to work you, Paul! We cancelled the activation sooner than planned due to difficult wx conditions.


    Mads, LA1TPA