Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Night operation

Tonight when I looked at the NØ Propfire Extension in Firefox I noticed that the Solar flux had reached 82! I wanted to check out the conditions so so I decided to visit the shack of my local radio club for some night operation.

I listened for a while on both 40m and 80m but could not hear a lot of stations. Before heading home I managed to work a french station on 80m and that is a new band country to me! He struggled a bit with my 5w QRP signal but eventually he was able to copy my callsign and my report.


  1. Hello Mads, yesterday I thought the same. But is was a bit disappointing. I could work Albania on 40 meter with 5 watt and that's something I do not catch every day. 73 Paul

  2. Hello Paul. Thanks for your comment. That's a good catch. I havn't worked Albania myself yet.

    73, Mads