Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Last Surviving Crew Member of Kon-Tiki Expedition SK

Knut Magne Haugland the last surviving crew member of Kon-Tiki Expedition became a Silent Key December 25. Knut was also a member of the Norwegian Resistance during WWII and was one of the original Heroes of Telemark. ARRL has this article on their web today:

Last Surviving Crew Member of Kon-Tiki Expedition Passes Away

May You rest in peace.


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  2. Hello Mads,

    Thanks for bringing this story to life for me. (I had missed it on the ARRL web site.) Sailing from Peru would have taken a LOT of courage with all the "open water" even in these days. Knut must have been a very brave man to even attempt a journey like this.

    WOW...the importance of a 10 watt radio sitting on a reef in the dark! And the courage (during the war) operating QRP under all those conditions. The man seemed to have no fear.

    The world will miss people like this. The contributions they made (with the use of a simple radio) saved many many lives and kept many others safe with communications in remote areas. The information they provided was priceless to those in need.

    John N8ZYA

  3. The callsign LA3KY was not issued to Knut Magne Haugland but to Knut Malvin Haugland.