Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hy-Gain 14AVQ

Today I've got my self a used Hy-Gain 14AVQ vertical antenna. It's a four band trapped vertical for 10m, 15m, 20m and 40m. I'm not sure if a trap vertical is the best choice for QRP operations but it was so cheap I decided to try it.

I plan to test it from our cabin in the upcoming IARU HF World Championship. Will be back with a report from the contest.



  1. I had one of those years ago. I wasn't very impressed with it. But what I didn't do was bury loads of radials. I read somewhere you need about eight quarter wave radials for each band to make a vertical work at its best.

  2. Thanks for your comment Julian. According to the 14AVQ manual there is no need for quarter wave radials unless you have approximately 90 of them! The manual suggests 16 radials 0.1 wavelengths long. I guess this depends on the conductivity of the soil surface at the site.

  3. After reviewing all of the choices of compromise portable antennas I could find, I decided to go with the 14AVQ. I even ordered a Buddipole Vertical but then cancelled it before the order was processed. I also bought an MFJ 1901 Portable Antenna Base to hold the 14AVQ up and from which to string out about sixteen 16ft. radials on the ground. Radials on the ground do not have to be resonant. I'm looking forward to using this set up with my new IC 7000 from NA-140 and am wondering how your results with it have been. Tnx es 73, Tom K3MOV

  4. Hello Tom. Thanks for your comment. I really haven't used it much as my first experience was rather disappointing:

    I will have to try it again with the recommended 16 radials as soon as the snow disappears from western Telemark where our family cabin is located.

    72/73 Mads, LA1TPA