Friday, January 8, 2010

QSL from South Korea!

In October I was operating portable from a local hill called Holtankollen (SOTA ref. LA/TM-049) and worked 16 stations on 20m and 40m. All of them with my trusty FT-817ND at 5w and a 88ft doublet 5m above the ground and SSB. When typing my log into Logger32 back home I found that I had worked HL4RBR from South Korea! I didn't notice during the mini pileup, I guess I mixed the HL suffix with the HG suffix of Hungary. And he was answering my CQ!

I sent him my QSL card by mail the very same day and today HL4RBRs QSL card dropped down in my letterbox, confirming the QSO! Thanks Yoon!


  1. Wow, that's a nice one! I'd have probably figured it was a logging error and was really HG. So nice to get the QSL to confirm it.

  2. Thanks Julian!
    At first I was thinking of a logging error but I searched for HG4RBR on and Google with no results. When I did they same searches for HL4RBR I got plenty of hits so I figured my paper log was correct.


    Mads, LA1TPA

  3. FANTASTIC QSO and FANTASTIC to have the QSL card too!!!!! And with a low wire antenna and only 5W SSB. I had no idea that such results were possible on low power. And they are all the more exciting because they do not happen too often.

    Thnaks for the encouraging comment you left on my blog. I am beginning to finally understand that the power is not as crucial as the antenna and the location.

    Best wishes from England de Adam