Wednesday, January 6, 2010

QRP on 80m

Because of the cold weather I decided to visit our cabin in Tokke in the western part of Telemark to check that everything was OK. It was +4°C inside the cabin when I arrived and -23°C outside. Tonight it is -27°C outside!

 I brought my Elecraft K3 and have done some casual operating on 80m tonight. So far I have worked ON, G and ES, all of them with 5w SSB and a W3DZZ trap dipole.


  1. It was -10.5C here last night, which was cold enough. (Anything with a minus in front of it is too cold as far as I am concerned!) Hope you have the TCXO in your K3!

  2. Wow, that's pretty cold out there. Here we have -4C at the moment. Nice job on 80 meter. I like to work on 80 meter, in the future I hope to raise an antenna suitable for 80 meter. 73 Paul

  3. Hello Julian
    No, I haven't bought the TCXO but that was no problem as I waited until the temperature reached 18°C before I turned on the K3. When I woke up this morning it was -29.7°C outside and I was not able to start my car. I had to call the road assistance service to get help.

  4. Hi Paul
    I tend to prefer 40m over 80m but I have worked some stations on 80m lately both from our cabin and from the club station of my local radio club.