Monday, May 2, 2011

Linux or not

Hi all! I'm trying to decide whether I should install Ubuntu on my Asus Eee PC or if I should keep Win 7 on it. I have tested Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal in a VirtualBox and I'm impressed with the Unity GUI. Another option is of course to dual boot between the two operating systems. I use the mini-pc mostly at school but also sometimes to radio related tasks when away from home. I use Logger32 as my main log and I haven't found an equally good logging software for Linux yet. Any thoughts?


  1. I think the decision depends entirely on what software you intend to use or think you may want to use on it. If you like Logger32, why change just to run a different OS?

  2. If you look through my blog you will see that I have had a bit of a "love/hate" relationship with Linux!

    I don't have any experience with logging software on either platform, other than HRD (I'm not a big DX or award chaser).

    Although Ubuntu clearly "works" I have had unpleasant experiences with it "breaking itself" during or after updates. I find the Ubuntu update programme (two major releases a year or whatever) a bit of a pain, so I would be tempted just to disable or ignore the requests for updates.

    Assuming you have space on your hard drive I would certainly take the dual boot option.

    I am still running Windows XP, so can't comment about 7, but as each Windows release seems to have become more unbreakable than its predecessor I would think that sticking with Windows would give you fewer problems than changing over to Linux completely.

    Just my two cents' worth!


    Martin - G4FUI

  3. Hi Julian and Martin! Thanks for you comments. I have decided to keep Win 7 on the Eee PC.

    72/73! Mads, la1tpa

  4. Only two months late to the conversation, but hadn't seen this blog before.

    Nearly all my PCs are dual boot XP/Ubuntu. I don't agree that Win7 is more unbreakable, it broke plenty and that's why I went back to XP. Haven't tried VirtualBox on a Win7 machine, but you might run into problems with drivers from the Linux guest, but it is certainly more convenient in general not to have to re-boot.

    If for no other reason I prefer to Linux on my HD in addition to Windows as it takes very little space and is a great backup OS if Windows fails. You can do a lot of repair and data retrieval from the Linux side. Vice versa doesn't work, though. There is a message in that which also has an appeal for Linux if you know what I mean.



  5. Hi Casey

    Thanks for your comment! I think I will end up dual booting between Win 7 and Ubuntu. Windows for ham radio tasks and Ubuntu when I'm at school. After 10 years working as an IT-consultant I will now enroll in nursing school in August.

    72/73! Mads, la1tpa

  6. Try CQRLOG - - it's a very advanced Linux logging program.
    I use Debian Squeeze with LXDE on my Asus EEE 701 4G instead of Ubuntu. It's a very basic and lean install and it's fast.