Saturday, June 13, 2009


I have for some time now wished to synchronise the memories on my 3 Yaesu Radios, the FT-817ND, the FT-857D and the VX-6. Yesterday I purchased a program called FTBasicMMO written by Bob G4HFQ. At first I had some problems getting it to work so I sent Bob an e-mail asking for help. He replied quickly and it turned out I had chosen the wrong type of radio (FT-857 not FT-857D US model). After correcting the setting in the software it all works like a dream.

I have now programmed all the repeaters and simplex frequencies that I use for mobile operating into my FT-857D and will soon do the same thing with my FT-817ND. When it comes to the VX-6 I will use VX-6 Commander written by Jim KC8UNJ.

And BTW: My FT-857D is always turned down to 5w ;-)

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