Sunday, May 17, 2009

Nordic Portable Contest

May 17th is the Norwegian Constitution Day (hence the flag...) but I managed to work a few stations in the Nordic Portable Contest. LA1KHA/P was also QRV and I hope he was able to work a lot more stations than I did.

This contest favours QRP stations by giving a multiplier based on output power:
  • Mult. 01: More than 64 W
  • Mult. 02: 16 - 64 W
  • Mult. 03: 4 - 16 W
  • Mult. 04: 1 - 4 W
  • Mult. 05: Less than 1 W
I experienced a lot of QSB and lost a lot of QSOs due to this. I'm hoping for better conditions in August in the autumn part of the contest!

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